Saturday, October 24, 2009

Surf trip South of the Border IV - Playa La Noria

Last October during my last surf trip to Mexico, a buddy of mine and I decided to go search out a good empty wave, we happened to find Playa La Noria. It's not really a secret beach or anything, but the 3 times we went, there was no one except us and once the land owner showed up and sold us some cold sodas after a really good 3 hour session. Noria itself is wide open beach break with a couple sandbars. Unfortunately we always showed up right when the wind was switching onshore so I never saw it barrel, it might not barrel, but the wave had fat shoulders to carve on. On each side there looked to be point waves. We surfed the north side and the middle of the beach. The north side did have a suedo-right point, but the conditions werent the best. This wave did have alot more power than La Ticla, so if you're in the area, Noria is about 20 km or so past Marauta. Check it out!

Turn here at this sign! Follow the dirt road (dry creek bed trail) to the beach. Its best to have a high clearence 4x4. (10/08)

Looking torwards the north side (right point) wave. I did catch a few good and long waves here. (10/08)

Playa La Noria glassy Beach Break (10/08)

Nice set comming in @ Playa La Noria (10/08). It was alot bigger than it looks from the beach as I was standing on a sand dune about 10 feet high. I would have called this set in the 5-7 foot (face) range.

 This beach was HUGE and empty. If you wanna see endangered sea turtles land on the beach to lay eggs, this is the beach to go to!! (10/08)

Here's a bunch of Kemp Ridgeley Sea Turtle hatchlings. I took this shot in La Ticla as Eleno was taking care of them. Sea Turtle eggs are an aphrodisiac delicacy here in this part of the world. The Mexican government had recently then launched a campaign to end this tradition. But we still saw it happen, and there was nothing we could do. So I applaud Eleno and everyone else in Michoacan in thier efforts here. (10/08)


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