Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Road Trip to Big Sur

Here are some pictures from a road trip to the Big Sur area. (7/08)

How far away are those mountains? (7/08)

This is my favorite Hwy 1 sign photograph (so far). (7/08)

I believe this is Jade Cove Beach. Yes, we did find a few pieces of jade! (7/08)

Sand Dollar Beach (7/09)

When the sun finally came out. Kirk Creek waterfall. (7/08)

Kirk Creek Campgrounds Sunset (7/08)

Fires north of our location cut or journey north into Big Sur short. Too bad, but made for a few nice shots. (7/09)

Thanks for viewing! Hope you enjoyed my photograpic experience of Big Sur! More pictures to come!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bridges and Beaches

Bridges and beaches make for nice scenic vistas. Here are a couple of shots of the Golden Gate Bridge and beaches south of San Francisco. Enjoy the photographic experience!

Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge (6/09)

Golden Gate Bridge (6/09)

One of my favorite beaches south of Half Moon Bay, Ca (6/09)

Rockaway Beach, Ca (6/09)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Surf Trips South of the Border III

Rio Nexpa, Michoacan (10/08)

Classic Nexpa (10/08)

Another beautiful sunset in paradise. (10/08)

Thanks for looking!

Surf Trips South of the Border II

Maruata, Michoacan (9/08)

Beach, somewhere in Mexico (9/08)

Pichilinguillo, Michoacan (8/05)
I took this shot on top of a taco resturaunt. Best civiche in Mexico!

Off the beaten path, Michoacan, Mexico (9/08)

Further up the river (9/08)
Interesting hike to this spot. Its pretty deep into the jungle. Water was amazingly refreshing.

Surf Trips South of the Border

I grew up surfing on the beaches of South Texas. After highschool, my buddies and I would take a yearly ritual surf trip to Mexico. Yeah yeah Texas has no surf, this topic will not be discussed here and now, but maybe later. So, we packed a backpack, camping gear, and our sticks and travled south. Back in the old days (2001-2005), haha, this was an easy and carfree trip, but I cannot say the same for today with the cartel violence in northern mexico. Once at the border, we would purchase our tourist visas, get the stamp, flag a taxi to the bus station, then hop on a bus to Guadalajara. From there, we would decide upon where to go next, north or south, but we usually just ended up in La Ticla, Michoacan. And there we stayed, for weeks on end. So enough with the blah blah blah, here's the photographic experience.

Perfect La Ticla from up on the Road. (9/08)

Glassy left (9/08)

Surf Camp de Amalia (9/08)

My gracious hosts (9/08)

Fire in the sky (9/08)

Perfect end to a perfect day in paradise. (9/08)

More to come, thanks for stopping by!


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